Mike Schlansker

Michael Schlansker is a department-level scientist at HP Labs. Since joining HP in 1989, Mike has worked on the development of high-performance computing technology. The primary focus for early work was on architectures and compilers for general-purpose machines which exploit instruction-level parallelism. This work resulted in the development of the Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) style of architecture that is the basis for IA-64. More recently, Mike's work at HP focused on the automatic design of custom embedded processors.

Mike has involved in high performance computing technology throughout his career. After teaching at University of Illinois, he designed special-purpose computers for signal processing at ESL/TRW, and he designed high performance mini-supercomputers at Cydrome. He has authored numerous patents and research publications in the area of architecture and compilers for high-performance computing. Mike received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Michigan.

Mike has been involved with HPL-PD and Elcor since their inception. Mike was responsible for many architectural features which are part of HPL-PD including novel aspects of the memory and predicate architecture. His work within Elcor includes contributions to the overall architecture of the compiler as well as contributions to Tools, the machine description facility, the analysis of predicated code, and control CPR.