Robert S. Schreiber

Rob Schreiber is a Project Scientist at Hewlett Packard Laboratories. He received an A.B. in mathematics from Cornell (1972), and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yale (1977). He is known for important basic research in sequential and parallel algorithms for matrix computation and in compiler optimization for data-parallel languages. He is a contributor to the Matlab scientific computing environment, and is a co-developer of the High Performance Fortran programming language. He has written over eighty scientific papers. He is on the editorial boards of three journals in the scientific and supercomputing fields, and is area editor for scientific computing of the Journal of the ACM.

Rob was previously a senior scientist at the Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science, NASA Ames Research Center, where he received the 1994 H. Julian Allen Award as co-author of the outstanding research paper at Ames. He has held faculty positions at Stanford and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, was the chief scientist of Saxpy Computer Corporation, and has extensive consulting experience in the high-performance computer industry.

Rob has worked in the Elcor and Trimaran areas on a SUIF-based front end for exploiting loop-level parallelism, in order to enable the synthesis of application-specific arrays of VLIW processors. Rob has been the chief architect of an HP Labs prototype system in this area, as well as the designer and implementor of many of the processor scheduling and allocation algorithms employed by this system.