Trimaran was extensively tested using Fedora Core 3, 4 and 5 on x86 Linux, as well as Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 running on x86-64. Users working with other operating systems may experience some obstacles in the installation process.

Software Requirements:

  • gcc (tested extensively with version 4.0.1, but 3.2 and 3.4.4 should also work)
  • autoconf version 2.54
  • automake version 1.7

Optional Software:

  • dot - Graph visualization tool used by the back-end (download)

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Read the Trimaran manual for installation instructions as well instructions on how to use and develop in Trimaran.


The SUIF compiler and its rich collection of high level program analysis passes works with the Trimaran compiler and its rich collection of machine specific optimizations.

This SUIF release offers new features and improved robustness for compilation with newer versions of GCC (3.2.3, 3.4.6, and 4.0.3). The primary enhancement is the support for the restrict keyword. Our SUIF distribution features bug fixes and several enhancements to SUIF version



Trimaran is distributed with a number of small benchmark packages that are ready for use. Additional benchmark packages are available for download. A Trimaran benchmark package contains the following:

  • compile_info and compile_parms files that describe the options to use while preprocessing, compiling, and linking the benchmark. 
  • exec_info_(input_name) file for each input workload used to execute a benchmark. It describes how to run and verify the benchmark for that particular input.
  • input and output directories that contains any input files required to execute a particular benchmark, and the corresponding output (expected result). These directories are used by the exec_info_(input_name) files to run and verify a benchmark.
  • src directory containing all of the benchmark source files in a flat directory structure.

The following benchmarks packages are available for download. However, for copyright reasons, some packages do not contain the benchmark source code. Each SPEC package however includes a script to automate the copying of SPEC sources from your repository to the Trimaran benchmark package directories. See the README file in each of the downloaded files files for details.

  • SPEC INT 2K (tgz)
  • SPEC INT 95 (tgz)
  • SPEC INT 92 (tgz)
  • MEDIABENCH (tgz)
  • OLDEN (tgz)
  • MiBench (tgz)
  • NetBench (tgz)
  • Encryption (tgz)