The following documentation is currently available to help you get started using Trimaran.

  • Manuals:
    1. Trimaran 4.0 Manual [PDF]
    2. MDES Manual [PS, PDF]

  • Reading List:
    1. HPL-PD - Architecture Specification, Version 1.1 [PDF]
    2. A Trimaran reading list arranged by topics [PS, PDF]
    3. A list of papers and technical reports that are helpful in understanding machine-dependent analysis and optimizations [PS, PDF]
    4. Machine-dependent analysis and optimizations: functionality and capabilities [PS, PDF]
  • Old Manuals (possibly out-of-date):
    1. Introduction [PS, PDF]
    2. Installation Instructions [PS, PDF]
    3. IR Manual [PS, PDF]
    4. Simulator Manual [PS, PDF]

  • Trimaran Tutorial (possibly out-of-date):
    1. The Trimaran Consortium [PS, PDF]
    2. Trimaran History and Motivation [PS, PDF]
    3. Overview of the Trimaran Compiler Infrastructure [PS, PDF]
    4. Installing and Customizing the Trimaran System [PS, PDF]
    5. An Overview of the Front-end, Machine Independent Analysis and Optimization Suite [PS, PDF]
    6. HPL-PD - A parameterized Research Architecture [PS, PDF]
    7. Configuring the Target Machine [PS, PDF]
    8. The Intermediate Representation [PS, PDF]
    9. Existing Optimization modules [PS, PDF]
    10. The Use and Design of the Trimaran Performance Monitoring Environment [PS, PDF]
    11. Case Study: A Region-Based Register Allocator [PS, PDF]